Wire Bonsai Sculptures by Mark Kennerley

All of the Wire Sculptures on this page will be available to purchase at Noelanders
on the Walsall Studio Ceramics stand

Copper Gilt Cascade in unglazed pot and bare copper with deadwood in brown/cream pot

Black aluminium in grey pot and vivid green aluminium in wooden oval

Bare copper literati and semi cascade with deadwood both in unglazed pots

Rose Gold Copper cascade in wooden pot and Bare Copper in red oval

Bare Copper with deadwood in banksia freeform pot and rose gold copper in Wooden Rectangle

Bare Copper with deadwood in unglazed rectangle and Bare Copper in wooden oval

Bare Copper in wooden rectangle and Copper Gilt in Brown Octagon

Copper Gilt in Grey Octagon and Dark Brown Exposed Root in Cream Drum

Copper Gilt Semi-Cascade in Grey pot and Red Copper in unglazed Octagon

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